The new YouTube Ads System is little suffering

My corporate videos which I do not want to have ads also now shows YouTube ads. I simply do not like it.

YouTube should have 9 new features:
1. Show Ads only if the Channel/Video asks for it.
2. The right to do not show Ads on the Channel/Video should solely lay in the hands of the YouTuber
3. Should allow Paid Subscription to a YouTube Channel / YouTube Playlist
4. Should have an integral LCMS for all kinds of learning content
5. YouTubeVarsity could what it be called and all kinds of learners and educators to be for the party
6. YouTube Videos @ LCMS and YouTubeVarsity should not be downloadable
7. There is a Social Network possible for activity around LCMS & YouTubeVarsity
8. There could be a YT-Jobs portal as well (Job Portal.)
9. There could be all kinds of Creative Sharing WALL made. (Text, Image, Audio, Video).

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