Dot-Com surfing v/s RSS Feeds v/s Google Alerts

Once upon a time when the Internet was new and we used to enjoy discovering new websites all the time, we used to mark favourites all our dear dear websites and pay visit to each of them almost daily or weekly. By this we never got served with something that we were looking accurately for but this way we got used to attain infoledge (information & knowledge) in an electronic way. Also we used to use the **SEARCH-ENGINE** a lot and a lot. There was one pain, we sometimes landed upon our favourite website but the website was not updated and we were unhappy.

After some more time after the Internet got much more populated and there sprung upon more and more websites and weblogs, the Gods of the Internet introduced something called RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and from then we need not go web surfing to even one website. Here on the RSS feeds and the RSS readers used to show the magic. The RSS readers had to be loaded with the RSS Feeds and then the RSS Reader used to receive the website posts – Headings and Content snippets to the RSS readers. By this you need not waste time checking updates of content posts even at 1 website. This used to get centrally updated in the RSS Readers and hence bye bye web surfing.

Now with Google News. Here say you want to know more about latest updates on say **Ruby On Rails**, you can make a new Google News Search and you would get more than what you were thinking about.

Now last — Google Alerts. Now you are a pro-thinker and do a lot of web research and you want to stay upto date on the cutting edge and bleeding edge technology — Google Alerts is for you. I have like around 200 different keywords each about different technology and domains. Here Google sends me Alerts by Email every day once for each one set alert. This is amazingly complete and good and covers stuff from all over the Internet.

What’s next?

I believe it would something be called as Tag-Clouds based on logs of all kinds. Lets see what the Gods of The Internet have in mind.

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