So eLearning now means primarily for K12

I have seen big startups with great funding licking shoe dust despite of having great funding. I have seen many small apps growing upto Unicorn because of good design. And at the same time, I have seen someone of the repute of KHAN ACADEMY give every bit of the education for free and still make more than $250 Million.

I now have taken a view-point. I have seen that since all efforts almost everywhere is for K-12 education, it must be the right market and the right pain point. My own observation says the same. People who want to study can study almost anywhere given the right resources and the right teachers.

I have been toying with the idea of making ECLS which would be eNhanced eNgaging eLectronic cReative lEarning sYstem. I am already studying Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy and some related stuff for bring my ECLS to the light. I am making it highly engaging and highly creative and highly learning oriented.

I am not making it any school syllabus oriented. I am just making it learning oriented.

Will start working on the content from year day 1 of Jan 2020.

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