No more Education —- Now on only Learnings.

Taken a new firm decision that no more registering for competitive exams and preparing for them. I have already wasted a lot of time and I believe I would have been atleast an Unicorn by now, if I would have followed my instincts.

So as per my last post on education topic — (Personal MBA & Personal MS CS), I have decided that I will go on with it. I will try and complete both two of these in next 1 years i.e. before the start of 2021. I have like 14 months and good time. I have to race like a horse and fly like a jet.

I start from tonight @ 12:00PM, with a fairly basic book called – Fundamentals of Computers by Rajaraman. I have dedicated 3 days for the book i.e. by Saturday end. Total 420 Pages i.e. 120 Pages a day.

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