2021 is going to be a Kindle year for me

I will be writing a lot of books in the next year of 2021 and will be selling them on the Amazon Kindle Platform. I am highly fascinated by the idea of Kindle system of distribution of books and revenue for the author of the book.

The National Education Program 2020 has opened the doors for a lot of Entrepreneurial stuff for the human society of the nation.

India end of 2022 will have a total population of 1,406,631,781 people.
And the below is the slabs for the audience which is in the education bracket.
# 115,899,235 — Age: 5-9
# 122,981,821 — Age: 10-14
# 126,508,236 — Age: 15-19
# 123,694,880 — Age: 20-24
# 489,084,172 — Age: 5-24

I am only going to do the educational publishing. All books on Kindle and only on Kindle. The first book will take time and rest of the books will be a breeze in the making.

All set.

Up, up and Away..

Source: PopulationPyramid.net

Last 20 Years of Journey

I started my first business entity in 1999 as my web designing agency. Later on in 2000 I started a 3 page eCommerce website of mine where in I used to sell Linux, BSD and Network Tools CDs. There after I have worked in all sorts of small and big companies in big and small roles respectively.

I have done HTML4.1 and CSS2. I have done Photoshop. I have done bit of Usability and UX. And I have done a lot of Ruby programming.

Its been 20 years since I bought my first computer and its now like 9 PCs, 5 Laptops and 1 iMAC and 1 MacBook Air now and I am planning to buy 1 more iMAC very soon.

Life is now gearing up for next 20 years.