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No more Education —- Now on only Learnings.

October 16, 2019

Taken a new firm decision that no more registering for competitive exams and preparing for them. I have already wasted a lot of time and I believe I would have been atleast an Unicorn by now, if I would have followed my instincts.

So as per my last post on education topic — (Personal MBA & Personal MS CS), I have decided that I will go on with it. I will try and complete both two of these in next 1 years i.e. before the start of 2021. I have like 14 months and good time. I have to race like a horse and fly like a jet.

I start from tonight @ 12:00PM, with a fairly basic book called – Fundamentals of Computers by Rajaraman. I have dedicated 3 days for the book i.e. by Saturday end. Total 420 Pages i.e. 120 Pages a day.

Role Model for CS business without CS University Degree

October 8, 2019

Personal MBA & Personal MS CS

October 6, 2019 project stands for an MBA education without going to a University and without paying a lot of money. Similarly I can think of an MS in CS without going to a University and without paying a lot of money.‘s (99 Books) different category of MBA subjects are

01. Productivity & Effectiveness (7 books)
02. The Human Mind (4 books)
03. Communication (5 books)
04. Influence (4 books)
05. Decision Making (4 books)
06. Creativity & Innovation (3 books)
07. Project Management (2 books)
08. Opportunity Identification (2 books)
09. Entrepreneurship (6 books)
10. Value Creation & Design (4 books)
11. Marketing (4 books)
12. Sales (4 books)
13. Value Delivery (3 books)
14. Negotiation (3 books)
15. Management (5 books)
16. Leadership (5 books)
17. Finance & Accounting (4 books)
18. Systems (3 books)
19. Corporate Skills (3 books)
20. Corporate Strategy (5 books)
21. Consulting (2 books)
22. Personal Finance (6 books)
23. Personal Development (5 books)
On the same lines if I had to design a course for Personal MS in CS I would do the following:

Personal MS CS (Designed by me…)
01. Programming Paradigms
02. Algorithms & Data-Structures
03. Operating Systems
04. Database Management Systems
05. Data-mining & Data warehousing
06. Design Patterns
07. Web Application Development Technologies
08. Server Side Scripting Languages & Frameworks
09. Rich Internet Applications
10. Networking Technologies & Network Programming
11. Information Security & Cryptography
12. Compiler Designs
13. Artificial Intelligence
14. Human Computer Interface
15. ERP, CRM & Project Management
16. Embedded Systems Design
I am not ready with the language names specifics and the suggested books specifics but I am sure the array of subjects can’t be more than what I have mentioned.

In the coming days I will write more about both PMBA & P.MS.CS. Stay tuned.