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Mission — CAT 2021 — Pure 365 days left

October 18, 2019

I was going through some papers and made a quick decision to study for CAT 2021. I calculated the time and days left and its approximately 365 days. And I am all getting geared up for it. I am keen on making to my goals this time.

Mission IIM Ahmedabad 2021.

I am too poor in Vocabulary and also in Maths. Let’s see how this Marathon run turns out for me. I can procrastinate the Personal MS CS for some time but I would want to meet the goals for MBA in real life from the best place in the nation.

Its high time

October 18, 2019

It’s high time, now I should start working on one pure my creation Global App.

I am starting my journey from the New Year of the Hindu Calendar and achieving it in record time. Like I said earlier I will write my App only for the iPAD OS.

I simply have one reason. There is no other tablet better than Apple’s. And I am keen on working only for the best. Plus I don’t want to work for more than 1 platform and 1 technology. Hence made this decision.

No more Education —- Now on only Learnings.

October 16, 2019

Taken a new firm decision that no more registering for competitive exams and preparing for them. I have already wasted a lot of time and I believe I would have been atleast an Unicorn by now, if I would have followed my instincts.

So as per my last post on education topic — (Personal MBA & Personal MS CS), I have decided that I will go on with it. I will try and complete both two of these in next 1 years i.e. before the start of 2021. I have like 14 months and good time. I have to race like a horse and fly like a jet.

I start from tonight @ 12:00PM, with a fairly basic book called – Fundamentals of Computers by Rajaraman. I have dedicated 3 days for the book i.e. by Saturday end. Total 420 Pages i.e. 120 Pages a day.

ذہن – عقل = Zehen = The seat of the faculty of reason.

October 9, 2019

I am finally in my den.

I am Neo.
Enter the Matrix.

I am Achilles.
The greatest warrior ever born.

I am Alexander.
Alexander – The Great.

I am Navin.
Geeks are not Meeks.

My Persona would be

October 5, 2019

01. Avid Reader
02. Consultant
03. Programmer
04. Designer
05. Author
06. Teacher
07. Businessman
08. Student
09. Hacker
10. Visionary
11. Entrepreneur
12. SerialEntrepreneur
13. GameDesigner
14. WebDesigner
15. Essayist
16. FOSS Evangelist
17. MBA
18. PhD
19. Indian
20. Global
21. Netizen
22. Information Architect
23. UXD
24. Coder
25. GeeK

What will I deliver?

October 5, 2019

Bill Gates = Microsoft
Steve Jobs = Apple
Jeff Bezos = Amazon
Sergey Brin + Larry Page = Google
Walt Disney = Disney Productions
Larry Ellison = Oracle Corporation
DHH = Ruby On Rails
RMS + Linus Torvalds = GNU/Linux

Navin Dhanuka = ed:TECH