The next 5 years

These 3+ months of lockdown has motivated me and after a lot of reading here and there given insights into all kinds of directions. These directions are entrepreneurial and technocratic and highly scholarly as well.

I have some more time to establish some stuff as the yardstick for the rest of my life. Will be spending this time high on high passionately for zeroing down on those 2 paradigms for the next 5 years.

All Cool… All Well….

Last 20 Years of Journey

I started my first business entity in 1999 as my web designing agency. Later on in 2000 I started a 3 page eCommerce website of mine where in I used to sell Linux, BSD and Network Tools CDs. There after I have worked in all sorts of small and big companies in big and small roles respectively.

I have done HTML4.1 and CSS2. I have done Photoshop. I have done bit of Usability and UX. And I have done a lot of Ruby programming.

Its been 20 years since I bought my first computer and its now like 9 PCs, 12 Laptops and 1 iMAC and 1 MacBook Air now and I am planning to buy 1 more iMAC very soon.

Life is now gearing up for next 20 years.