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Mission Impossible — MBA @ IIM-A

October 19, 2019

Now today I have set a goal to achieve admission @ IIM-A. Should make it in this record time.

Will take efforts of all kinds to achieve this.

Life is committed to this from today..

120 days for MCA Entrance Exams

October 9, 2019

I have taken an oath sort of that I will give my best to the MAH MCA Entrance exam happening on March 2020.

My dream college is (in particular order):
2. NMIMS (separate entrance exam)
3. MU IDOL (separate entrance exam)

MU IDOL entrance exam is in July 2020, which by all means I will crack.

I only want to crack VJTI & NMIMS now.
I have only 4 months for it.
All guns no roses.