GNU & Linux is finally — GNU + Linux

  • The project started as a Free Software and was called GNU OS. It was initiated by Richard Stallman
  • The Linux project started as an Open Source Software. Linux completed the GNU Project as the only piece which was missing in the GNU OS was the core of the Operating System called the Kernel. Linus Torvalds wrote this piece of software.
  • The branding of the project became from GNU to Linux.
  • Free Software became better known as Open Source.
  • A team of visionary people came together and started called it GNU / Linux against the normal trend of it being called only as Linux.
  • Now sometime back some other people came together and started calling it GNU + Linux. This was very well received by the community everywhere.
  • There is less noise in the computing community for GNU v/s Linux now. Its unitedly called mostly Linux or GNU+Linux.

Linus Torvalds: GPLv2 ‘A Big Part’ of Why Linux Spread, Companies Getting Involved ‘Hugely Important’

Trying to look at the bigger picture, Torvalds now thinks the period in early 1992 — when Linux switched to using the Gnu Public License version 2 (GPLv2) — was especially important. He recalls, “It wasn’t the original license, but I’m convinced it’s a big part of why Linux became so widespread. Not everybody loves the GPL, and I’ve had my own issues with the FSF [Free Software Foundation], but I do think the GPLv2 has been a huge deal, and people shouldn’t dismiss the licensing issues.”

He adds:

“I think the companies getting involved has been hugely important — and that may sound so obvious as to be trite and stupid, but some corners of the open-source community have been fairly negative to any commercial involvement.”

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