The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp @ 55 hours on-demand video

Starting today, I am learning Web-Tech from

The course covers and trains to become a Full-Stack Web Developer with just ONE course. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB, build real projects.

Its of 55 hours on-demand video. Will do 5 hours a day – everyday. It should take around 11 days to complete this course.

Looks neat.

Every Street Is Paved With Gold

This book fell on my lap on a very auspicious day.

The book is the autobiography of a Korean Entrepreneur who made it on his own from a newspaper boy to a Global Conglomerate. He has in his book written almost every of his Entrepreneurial Secrets very openly.

I have made a video on the book and I am sharing it here once again with the world.

Please stop by and see this life changing video and learn from it. I have learnt a many a good time many a good inspirational lessons from this video. I am going to implement the learnings from this book, one more time and going to climb up the ladders of success.

1000 Days – Man Moon Mission

I am somehow unable to pursue my educational goals and hence planned a new man moon mission which I have to achieve along with my day job in a well planned fashion in just 1000 days.

So the goal is only to master 7 things. 3 subjects from MBA, 3 subjects from MCA an 1 subject on Entrepreneurship.

MBA Subjects are: Branding, Leadership & Marketing. MCA Subjects are: Web Technologies, Android Stuff and iOS Stuff.

Whatever it takes, I have to be a pro in all these 7 subjects for ever and ever.

Starting 1st January 2022.