Best Open Source Big Data Analytics Software Tools for 2021

Getting smarter is always a good thing & making informed decisions and capitalizing on inefficiencies and opportunities have always been crucial components of getting ahead of the pack in commerce.

Analyzing data, especially in a business intelligence context, has become a norm, so much so that it’s diffusing to the masses. Community-driven solutions are no longer just creeping into the marketplace, but are legitimate alternatives to proprietary ones, with thousands of users and contributors backing their infrastructure.

There is a common misperception that open source means free. While this is true in many, if not most, cases, it isn’t a direct synonym.

Open source software simply means that the source code is available and editable by the end-user. They are allowed to copy, modify and redistribute it as they see fit, depending on the license given by the creator.

So what makes them more appealing than a proprietary option?

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