Financial Goals for 2022

I was looking at Tweets and most of them were about – GOALS FOR THE NEXT YEAR. And even I signed up for some for myself. And I am very happy to announce them here.

I will have a very good, cool and a very busy 2022. I will be running a successful agency around CONTENT, UX, LOGO and BRANDING. I would also be running a successful e-Learning Platform around BBA & MBA. Plus I would be running a YouTube Channel on Business Education.

India Approves $10 Billion Plan To Lure Semiconductor and Display Makers

India has approved a $10 billion incentive plan to attract semiconductor fabricators and display manufacturers, its technology minister said on Wednesday, as part of efforts to establish itself as a global electronics production hub. From a report:

Israel’s Tower Semiconductor, Apple’s contract manufacturer Foxconn and a Singapore-based consortium have all shown interest in setting up semiconductor fabrication units in India, a government source told Reuters. New Delhi also approved a design linked incentive (DLI) plan to encourage 100 local companies in semiconductor design for integrated circuits and chipsets, technology minister Ashwini Vaishnaw told a news briefing.


Apple is about to become the world’s first $3 trillion company

Apple is on the verge of yet another major milestone. The iPhone maker is close to topping a market value of more than $3 trillion — the first publicly traded company ever to be worth that much. Shares of Apple were up about 1% in premarket trading Monday to around $181.75. The stock needs to hit $182.85 for Apple to surpass the $3 trillion mark. Apple’s market value first crossed the $1 trillion threshold in August 2018 and passed $2 trillion in August 2020. […] But before long, Apple may have some company in the $3 trillion club. Microsoft is now worth about $2.6 trillion and Google owner Alphabet’s market value is right around $2 trillion. Still giant but further behind are Amazon, which has a market cap of $1.7 trillion, and Elon Musk’s Tesla, worth $1 trillion.

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7 most popular tech searches at Google.

HTML, JavaScript, Java, Linux, Ruby, Python & WordPress all on Google are searched all over the world almost by 1 million to 10 million users.

I was planning my strategy to study all the above 7 technologies & tools. I narrowed down on and

I intend to master HTML from both the places by next Monday for sure.

What ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE was to the MAIN-FRAMES, HTML will be to the WEB – is what I read ages back. Now I am back to start my career and start hacking again.

The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp @ 55 hours on-demand video

Starting today, I am learning Web-Tech from

The course covers and trains to become a Full-Stack Web Developer with just ONE course. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB, build real projects.

Its of 55 hours on-demand video. Will do 5 hours a day – everyday. It should take around 11 days to complete this course.

Looks neat.