Tomorrow Is A Auspicious Day – Gandhi’s Birthday

I am highly lucky that I am starting my new career from tomorrow, i.e. on the day of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

I will be sailing in the thought process of my new MBA book meant to be read completed in the first week of October 2021. The name of this book is – Trillion Dollar Coach. I will be making a Keynote on the same soon or just a blog post stating the summary of the book.

I am on Windows now. Far away from Apple MacBook Air. And I am happy here. I will switch to Macintosh only for Keynote, Screenflow, XCode and Swift or Objective-C. Hence or otherwise I don’t need Apple anymore in life now.

I will be installing Ubuntu or Debian on my this Laptop + FreeBSD. I am going to after learning all possible books of C, DS and Algorithms that I have bought will start learning sources of C and Shell of GNU + Linux. Should take 6 months to read that level of competency.

Until then Guys and Gals keep Hacking.

Next 5 Years

I am taking up a job tomorrow morning. This company belongs to a friend. And its sort of a startup and I believe I will be very happy there. I want to express that my desire to work there is for the next 5 years parallel to which I will complete my BCA & MCA @ IGNOU.

So I have goals now.
Goal – 1 – Complete all formal duties at my employer
Goal – 2 – Get best possible grades at IGNOU Courses for BCA & MCA
Goal – 3 – Prepare amazingly for both GATE & CAT

Keep blogging and twittering. Also keep studying at Udemy, YouTube and Hard Copies Books.

I will also parallel Personal MBA and Personal MS CS.

I will read on an average 52 Business Books a Year and I have 9 years to achieve it. So on an total I will be reading a total of 468 to 500 MBA / Business Books. I will also be reading 1 MBA Book Summary from and everyday. I have a huge collection.

Please God, please let me go on and on. I have a lot to achieve.