Hello World

Welcome to my first blog post. My name is Navin Dhanuka. I am from Mumbai, India. I am an Information Architect by profession. I am an Open Source evangelist.

My interests lies in being a: UX Designer, Usability Analyst, Author, Hacker, Entrepreneur, Cloud Engineer, AI Researcher, Blue Ocean Pioneer, Growth Hacker, Blogger, YouTuber & more.

I have been in computing since 1999 and its been a long time. I have done websites and I have also done WordPress based websites. I have also done a lot of wireframes.

I intend to work now on self-publishing on the Kindle platform. I have already shortlisted more than 21 titles on various aspects of the Open Platform, Cloud Computing and NexGen Technologies.

I am here to stay and make my mark. I will be a pioneer in ECLS in the ed:TECH stream. I am launching good stuff in good time and I will be doing a lot of YouTubing also. Also I will be selling my courses on Udemy.com.