WooCommerce helps.. Completely it Free & Open Source

My first client was in the year 1999 and it was a plain vanilla HTML4 website with some small happy hacks.

I was worried about flunking out of BMS course and hence I registered a cool domain-name and started calling phone numbers in the published advertisements of **The Times Of India**. I made my first call and the guy on the other side a famous brand of shirts – called me immediately for he needed web-solutions.

For the first meet, I designed 2-3 homepage layouts to show to the client my design skills. I had no idea how will I design the eCommerce engine & which technology (asp.net, jsp, php) I will use for making the website. I also was confused about the timelines to give to the client and about the total costing and pricing.

Those days – Open Source – web stuff was PHP and only PHP. And it was still evolving. I am talking about early 2000. Now, today you have WordPress, you have WooCommerce and so many premium and totally free WooCommerce plugins and also ThemeForest.net, which has 1000’s of all kinds of themes and great plugins.

Today anybody can start a small Mom & Pop eCommerce store because of almost free WP & WooCommerce. There are other options also available like SaaS Cloud based Wix, ECWID & many more.

FOSS rocks…

Google Alerts — The Ultimate Tool

I used to use Feedly.com to subscribe to RSS Feeds of some of my most favourite websites and read the updated happily without bothering to go on to each of the favourite websites everyday.

After sometime, I found ***Google Alerts***.

Its an awesome tool. I have subscribed to some more than 100 Google Alerts – keywords and Google once a day sends me an email stating all possible world wide web based updates about the topic. I have now a separate email address dedicated to Google Alerts.

Why I love embedding YouTube videos on my Blog

I started my blog, by posting only my own thoughts, then by placing podcasts, slideshares, news-embdeds and then the YouTube.com iframe embeds.

I have somehow found embedding YouTube videos to be the most effective way for being able to share ***GYAAN*** on my website though its not my own.

I really loved those video content and hence I have shared it with the world on my blog. I sometimes, myself browse my own blog to re-look at the video content.

Love you YouTube.