After MS-DOS, Microsoft Now Open Sources GW-Basic

Microsoft released on GitHub the original 8088 assembly language sources for its interpreter for GW-BASIC 1.0, a dialect of the Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) programming language released in 1983 and bundled with MS-DOS operating systems on IBM PC compatibles. After re-open-sourcing MS-DOS, Microsoft proceeds with releasing GW-BASIC under an MIT license due to numerous requests.

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How to Program Hardware with MicroPython: A Beginner’s Guide

MicroPython is a compact implementation of the Python 3 programming language designed to work with microcontrollers. Initially announced back in 2013 as part of a Kickstarter project created by Damien George, MicroPython eventually became one of the preferred firmware options for microcontroller programmers and enthusiasts alike. Damien ended up created his own line of hardware that comes equipped with MicroPython right off the bat. However, the firmware can also be installed on a wide range of other boards.

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Amazon licenses Slack for all employees, while Slack adopts AWS video-calling tech

  • Slack will draw on the underlying technology for Amazon Web Services’ Chime video-calling service to deliver better video calls for millions of Slack users.

  • Employees of Amazon, one of the largest employers in the U.S., will be able to use Slack if they wish.

  • The alliance helps both companies battle Microsoft, whose Teams communications service has grown in popularity alongside Slack during the coronavirus pandemic.

Slack and Amazon are deepening their partnership. Under a new deal announced Thursday, all Amazon employees will have access to Slack’s workplace collaboration tools. In addition, Slack will deepen its reliance on AWS, revamping its video-calling feature to take advantage of an AWS service called Chime.

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