Syllabus of Personal MS CS (Designed by me…) — v0.1

CS is not getting outdated for even next 10-100 years of time. It only gets more and more matured with more and more new people participating and tech going both obscure and mature and new new tech which could be called bleeding edge of technology will keep making place for itself and also gather a mass of class for itself.

CS is not a thing to be studied only and only by some rich people. It’s a way of starting with the principles of engineering with an investment to buy a small PC BOX for INR 20,000/- and starting with proprietary – Microsoft Windows or Open Source – Linux.

These days almost everything is available at Google. Social Media Engines are growing and so is the reach and power of Open Source. Even M$ is moving its bases towards Open Source. The GNU project which laid the foundation for Free Software has become more mature and famously known as Linux & Open Source.

So as per the title & scope of this blog post, I must start typing the v0.1 for Syllabus for Personal MS CS.

Personal MS CS (Designed by me…)
01. Programming Paradigms
02. Algorithms & Data-Structures
03. Operating Systems
04. Database Management Systems
05. Data-mining & Data warehousing
06. Design Patterns
07. Web Application Development Technologies
08. Server Side Scripting Languages & Frameworks
09. Rich Internet Applications
10. Networking Technologies & Network Programming
11. Information Security & Cryptography
12. Compiler Designs
13. Artificial Intelligence
14. Human Computer Interface
15. ERP, CRM & Project Management
16. Embedded Systems Design

This is version 0.1, I will be updating the latest one very soon. Will also write a Kindle book each on each of these above 16 streams.

Hello World!!!

Hello World!!!

Welcome to my corner on the blogosphere of the World Wide Web.

Let me take the immense pleasure of introducing myself to you. I am Navin Dhanuka, well that’s the name my parents gave me. I was born on 7 June 1980, in Mumbai (then Bombay) in India.

I really miss my scholarly school days of BNVB. I have had problems being an attentive student after I met with a leg fracture. A small period of 4-6 months and a 6-8 hours of music listening everyday changed my psychology and ways of looking at things. And now after wandering for more than 25 years I am back as a scholarly person.

Life has been kind to me in the last 20 years, and I have moved from one node to another and from one mode to another. The next 20 years of this life is going to be more productive than the last 40 years as I predict.

I might complete E3CLS as well as write 100+ Kindle platform based books.

Besides BOOKS, you will see me write great stuff called – CS CODE. I want to compete with the best and prove that I am a good programmer and hacker as well.

My journey towards my life & career begins on the first day of 2021.

So much for a small – Hello World – post.

Stay tuned for more. I hope you enjoy your stay.