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ذہن – عقل = Zehen = The seat of the faculty of reason.

October 9, 2019

I am finally in my den.

I am Neo.
Enter the Matrix.

I am Achilles.
The greatest warrior ever born.

I am Alexander.
Alexander – The Great.

I am Navin.
Geeks are not Meeks.

120 days for MCA Entrance Exams

October 9, 2019

I have taken an oath sort of that I will give my best to the MAH MCA Entrance exam happening on March 2020.

My dream college is (in particular order):
2. NMIMS (separate entrance exam)
3. MU IDOL (separate entrance exam)

MU IDOL entrance exam is in July 2020, which by all means I will crack.

I only want to crack VJTI & NMIMS now.
I have only 4 months for it.
All guns no roses.