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My Persona would be

October 5, 2019

01. Avid Reader
02. Consultant
03. Programmer
04. Designer
05. Author
06. Teacher
07. Businessman
08. Student
09. Hacker
10. Visionary
11. Entrepreneur
12. SerialEntrepreneur
13. GameDesigner
14. WebDesigner
15. Essayist
16. FOSS Evangelist
17. MBA
18. PhD
19. Indian
20. Global
21. Netizen
22. Information Architect
23. UXD
24. Coder
25. GeeK

What will I deliver?

October 5, 2019

Bill Gates = Microsoft
Steve Jobs = Apple
Jeff Bezos = Amazon
Sergey Brin + Larry Page = Google
Walt Disney = Disney Productions
Larry Ellison = Oracle Corporation
DHH = Ruby On Rails
RMS + Linus Torvalds = GNU/Linux

Navin Dhanuka = ed:TECH

Difference between GNU & Linux

October 5, 2019

GNU = The Founding Project
Linux = Just the Kernel

GNU = The iNCOMPLETE Project
Linux = Now the project is called by this name

GNU = No money
Linux = Immortal money

GNU = Roots & Tree
Linux = Branches & Fruits

GNU = Only Talk
Linux = Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

GNU = Love to call it Free Software
Linux = Famous by the name Open Source

GNU = License = GNU GPL
Linux = License = GNU GPL

I am very much found of Movies

October 5, 2019

I see atleast 1 movie a week and I really love them all. My all time favorite movies are:
01. Gladiator
02. Troy
03. A Beautiful Mind
04. Lagaan
05. Remember The Titans
06. Glory Road
07. Coach Carter
08. The Greatest Game Ever Played
09. The Matrix
10. The Minority Report

Enrolling in IGNOU MCA

October 5, 2019

Did a lot of planning and jotting on paper and finally decided to go ahead with IGNOU MCA in June 2020 batch. The only reason why I am doing this activity is that after passing from here I would be qualified & eligible for IIT GATE Examination.

So for these next 3 beautiful years, I will be only preparing for GATE, studying for IGNOU MCA and my Personal MBA. First I also thought that I will pick up a job in the iOS vertical in some good company but I then dropped that idea. Now I will be doing one after another software industry major certifications.

I have shelved the idea of doing a startup but I will be documenting my hacks on the startup world here on this blog. My expectations from myself and from my competence is too high and I will make it to my goals.