What would be needed?

Life asks me what would be needed to meet the goal in record time?
I say just commitment.

3 Years – I am spending time on Design, Code & preparation for CAT and SAT.
2025 – I am going abroad to USA to study at Stanford CS or CMU or MIT.

After I am through 2022 – I will be working for 3 years – until 2025.
These 3 years are important for me.
I will either start something of my own or work for someone.
I need to earn more than $ 1 million in these 3 years.

I have started working on a business plan as well.

I ask myself what would be needed?
A machine..
A office…
A Net Connection…
All softwares…
Great books..
Great commitment..
And undisturbed time…

Life seems to rock and roll again.

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