Unmatched Competency

Here I come.
This is me.
Where else on earth I rather be.

School I can’t come back to you.
I want to be in the schools of thought for sure to be.

I want to best in all Adobe Products.
I want to be the best Animator as well.
I want to work in my own studio.
Will buy 1 dot com when the right comes.

Today is day 3 of the new year.
And I have not achieved anything beyond the states of my minds.
I have 7 to be sure, but can’t count more than 3.

Will do this, will do that – NOT ANY MORE.
As it does not work out for me..

Just go on and on.
Sky is the limit. Yes thats what I want it to be like.
Hence I will have to go on and on.
No more dialogue with time.
No more apprehensions with anyone.

Just me and my style.
It’s called Unmatched Competency.

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