To dwell now in my own personal Blue Ocean

I am not hungry for anything big as of now…
Want to focus only on my hacks.. even poetic ones..
Again & again I say to myself that slow & steady wins the race.

I kickstarted my race yesterday and 48 hours past I have now definitely started moving.
I now know that it’s not goal setting.
It’s moving which is more important.

My goal for today is nothing..
No goal setting ever again…

My achievement for the day is that I now know that I have to buy a compass.
The curse of the black pearl – Jack Sparrow also has a compass.
It says the worse or the best pirate ever.

I say I am going to be an educationist. ECLS one.
I now have to learn lessons from the pioneers like Sal Khan of Khan Academy.
Steve Jobs of iTunes University.
Benjamin Bloom of Blooms Taxonomy.

My gauge is great & accurate.
Can’t fail what so ever.

My classes at MaaC will be teaching me design.
I will be doing the tech and code.
And the ID.

Life is going to rock…
Setting a wiki soon.

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