Quotable Quotes

  1. “Expect the unexpected. You will be amazed with what you shall see.”
  2. “People who are failures in life are apes. They ape themselves and then don’t grow.”
  3. “There are 7 dimensions in e-Businesses – Information, Communication, Recreation, Automation, Transaction, Education and Dissemination.”
  4. “The profits in this business vertical is atleast XYZ millions minimum per month.”
  5. “Amazing… Its cool.”
  6. “Wahi Haddi. Wahi Khaal.”
  7. “First Class…”
  8. “Its a blue ocean.”
  9. “Google it…”
  10. “Who is the next RMS?”
  11. “What Open Source is to the industry, can Free Software be to the academia.?”
  12. “From chalk powder to Boeing all would be MADE-IN-CHINA”.
  13. “ECLS would lead to iCRM and KRP. Lets see who does it well.”
  14. Whenever in trouble, do not run, do not ruin, do not rampage just reveal and recreate.