Source: FreePress Journal
KIM WOO-CHOONG, founder and Chairman of Daewoo, the motor-giant of Korea writes: “There are six keys to success: First, start working hard from the beginning. Second, small innovations lead to bigger ones later. Third, combine with others to create a mastermind.
A hundred things you do to help someone eventually returns to you a thousand-fold. Fourth, avoid worrying about yourself; when you work hard in a committed fashion, you don’t have to chase money; money will chase you. Fifth, things fall into place, if you have confidence. All mistakes could be corrected; all challenges could be overcome; all problems have solutions. Sixth, opportunities in life are unlimited. Possibilities emerge and parade before you when you work hard. Our opinions have no permanence.
I follow the book – which is an autobiography of the legendary businessman **Kim Woo Choong** from Korea. I have made a podcast on this book which goes by the name – **Every Street Is Paved With Gold** – You can see the podcast below here.
I almost consider this book to be my life guide…


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