My eLearning App

Was thinking of making my eLearning app.
First thinking was design it on which curriculum?
The state boards change design every 10 years.
And anyways I don’t agree with the design of curriculum of any of the Indian Boards.

I also have to design systems for other countries & I will probably know never about their curriculum.
So how do I port my thinking & ambition on instructional design so that its ever green and always cherished.
My eLearning app will be designed just once and loved for always.
It will serve the learner for ever & ever.

I have to start working on it asap.
I also have to join SIGs for it.

First before looking at the subjects to teach, I want to master the works of the Instructional Design by Benjamin Bloom. His works is better called BENJAMIN BLOOMS TAXONOMY. The Wikipedia page on it is very cool. Will also buy the research PDF on it somehow.

My mission of my life begins.
My OMA as I call it will be delivered by me in record time..
OMA = One Man Army

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