Monday 01 – Define Success & A Method To Keep Myself Motivated

The Week 01, is all about establishing momentum for the coming year.
My key tasks this week is to:
1. Establish My Goals
2. Choose a Method To Keep Myself Motivated.

For the above 2 tasks I have to:
1. I decide and I announce that:
1.1 I want to achieve command over PHP, Python, Ruby & Java
1.2 I want to publish 12 books
1.3 I want to complete 56 SlideShares on various MBA topics
1.4 I want to establish my dot com agency – Webcom Studio
1.5 I want to learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and InDesign
1.6 I want to publish 1 Kinetic Typography Video A Month
1.7 I want to master at-least 365 Book Summaries

And a method to keep you motivated:
2. Methods to keep motivated
2.1 Post notes about Goals where I would see them everyday
2.2 Work and check with like minded folks
2.3 Celebrate every small victory
2.4 Zero Procrastination
2.5 Talk to myself and prepone stuff
2.6 Waste not a nickel of time
2.7 Keep myself busy with my goals all the time.

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