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Keyword Rank Tracking and reporting for SEO

Was doing as usual research on what more has to offer to me as a blogger and as a CMS tool. Tried a new SEO tool ( today which was supposedly great as it allows 5 key phrases each page/post. Only time like next 1 week will tell if this new RANK MATH Plugin is of any use or better than Yoast.

By the time I was done with Rank Math, I found Quickly leaped and installed it and made it work for me. Looks neat. Some lapses but looks neat. Should work for me.

In 2008, I had made a Ruby Script of 25 lines, which would take ‘n’ number of keywords in a CSV file and take your dot-com name and in less than 5 minutes will tell you the rank of your website all using Open Source tools. And I was proud of myself. Also today I see the urge of re doing this script purely using again Ruby.

Like Wincher, I intent to release it with a classy UX and IA and on all platforms like browser, smart-phones and tablets.

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