Ink Heart

Reading Ink Heart from now.
Wanna be an Ink Heart myself.
Will be reading it at a huge pace.
Let’s see where it goes.

1st April 2019 was a waste.
Today is 2nd day.

Just have 3 goals:
1. InK Heart – Format Mastering
2. Photoshop – YouTube Tutorial
3. Sketching – YouTube Tutorial

Mom is back at start – join a new job.
I am back at after some time / read never.
Mom is back to end – love for music / you don’t want to be a musician.
I am back at after some time / will play guitar and violin as well plus a big piano.

I want to be a multi-faceted persona.
I want to be accepted by masses as well as the classes.
I want to be looked upon by a league as well as every nation.
I want to help a big project like GNU again.
I want to be away from no personas people as well.

I want to work the max possible every day for the rest of my life.
I want to work 18-20 hours every day.
Today is my first day of the 20 hours drill.
Not going anywhere. Focusing only on Ink Heart.
There is a movie with Brendon Fraser on this Trilogy book.
Had missed the movie in 2008 it seems.
Will torrent it today.

Life seems to be starting to live again…
I am having a short term vision for a lot many things..
Life you are sexy again.
I want to serve you once again..
I want to miss all dilemmas as well.
I want to be a wise thinker.
I want to be a mathematic-magician person as well.

And last as usual..
I want to be a Blue Ocean Entrepreneur.

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