iDope – Music in iPOD – Music is my Dope.

Apple did not gave us Mp3.
Mp3 was always there…
Apple gave us iPOD….
iPOD was (Designed in California – Assembled in China)
Sony Corporation (Made in Japan).. long back created WalkMan….

Walkman became industry standard and everyone started rolling out their version of Walkmans.
Sony lost its right to capitalise on Walkman as its sole manufacturer.

But in case of iPOD – Apple maintained its novelty and did not let anyone else enter this business vertical.
Microsoft & many others tried their luck…
No one could beat Apple’s iPOD even for fraction of second.

Why & how could Apple maintain its legacy of thoughts extremely high despite of great competition.
Answer is simple:
1. Great Design
2. Great User Experience Design
3. Emotional Design
4. Free Software (iTunes) to RIP the old Audio CD collection
5. Free Software (iTunes) to play on Desktop
6. Free Software (iTunes) to pay & download all possible songs for just $1 each song.
7. Free Software (iTunes) to play new media stuff called “Podcasts” & “iTunes University”.

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