I don’t charge for consultancy

I really don’t charge for consultancy.
But I hate when people want me to drive the entire circle.

I will write about the theory of circles later here.

Today I have started consulting myself.
And I have reached some beliefs.

Time is always free.
Free stuffs are rare.
And if you get stuffs for free, you should grab as much as possible.
Then why do let the potential time go freely waste.

To set my goals freely now as I have 3 years of education time now.
To achieve skills in both design & code is only me dream now.
And Gods, please keep me away from impure thoughts.

For today & tomorrow I have only 1 goal.
Master 10 videos of Inspiration on YouTube.
I have already subscribed the channels.
The videos are great.

Also I was thinking of if I have to SEO of my this blog.
It’s a huge effort.
Yes, I am looking forward to some my diary reader and comment and help me go further in my ambition.

I have always had scope of complete free time.
But I am very serious about every passing hour now.
Life is the best teacher & she always teaches all its lessons.

No great work after 2003.
It’s 2019 now.
Hence its 16 years.
I have to cover the loss of 16 years in next 3 years.

I have to work 18 hours from today.
And master everything that’s in my schedule.
I have understood also one thing, that there should be only 1 central place to manage the 2dos.
So I have started using a new diary.

My life & schedule starts from 1st April 2019.
1st April is called originally the new years day according to the old calendar.
And people who celebrated it still as New Year day are called fools.
Hence April 1st became to be known as Fools Day.
I am also looking forward to the this years joke by Google on 1st of April.
They crack a new joke on their services every year on this day.

Life rocks..

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