I am the happiest guy in the world

I now have an objective..
I now have a motto.
I now have an ambition.
I now have a pride.
I now have thought processes.
I now have stuff to do…
I now have reasons for organised work…
I now have passions for working late night…
I now have will & zeal…
I now have Sky Zeal.
I now have me.
I now want to have a triplet persona.
See how well I juggle things…still manage them all.

My dreams are unlimited now.

Deliverables on my plate today are:
1. Se7en Netizens – A Trilogy Book
2. ECLS – All 7 Paradigms
3. Study well at MaaC
4. Self Study of all Business Book Summaries
5. Self Study of all Tech Books
6. Self Study of the Bhagwad Gita
7. Master everything that is possible.

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