Goal Settings and then redo goal settings

I have been consistently failing to set goals and accomplish them.
I have given up on planning now.
I just hit the books and decide to be true to them.

Books are your best friends – said – some one nice & wise.
And I have always chosen the right books.

My last well read book was – “Every Street Is Paved With Gold.”
This book is an autobiography of a Gentleman from Korea called – “Kim Woo Choong”.
I worship this persona and I follow him.

I will go through the book again this weekend on Sunday.
And I am planning to believe that I will take immense inspiration from this self-made Man of Korea.

I love this book so much that once upon a time I sat and made a YouTube video on the book.
I am embedding the video below here.
Please watch it.
I promise you, that you will love the video.

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