Daily read topics

My daily read topics are many.

I research a lot about lot of stuff all the time.
Digital Marketing is also stuff of my research.
So is UX & Design.

I spend upto 5 hours a day researching stuff.
I also have started document stuff her on my blog.

Slow & steady wins the race.

It takes 20 years for an overnight success.
My first day of this life cycle starts from today.
Gods great.
I will follow all means from today.
I have to say that life is now having some meaning,

Till date from some years to some years, I had lost my meaning.
Now with meaning I have soul.
I don’t want to go through something called “Soul Prostitution”.
I believe that life will be rocking & rocking for ever.

Making an open aggregator for my daily read posts on my blog.

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