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Cloud Backups systems and my Personal Diary

April 4, 2019

Sync my diary work with:
1. Apple iCloud
2. Google GDrive
3. Amazon Drive
4. Microsoft SkyDrive
5. Degoo Installer

Only to backup my Personal Diary.
All the 4 softwares I could understand with ease.
But it was MS Sky Drive which was the poorest of the all.

I can say that it’s the worst of all the collection.
M$ please listen and improve your software.
All it needs a sense of UI / UX / IA.

God helps them who helps themselves.

Daily read topics

April 1, 2019

My daily read topics are many.

I research a lot about lot of stuff all the time.
Digital Marketing is also stuff of my research.
So is UX & Design.

I spend upto 5 hours a day researching stuff.
I also have started document stuff her on my blog.

Slow & steady wins the race.

It takes 20 years for an overnight success.
My first day of this life cycle starts from today.
Gods great.
I will follow all means from today.
I have to say that life is now having some meaning,

Till date from some years to some years, I had lost my meaning.
Now with meaning I have soul.
I don’t want to go through something called “Soul Prostitution”.
I believe that life will be rocking & rocking for ever.

Making an open aggregator for my daily read posts on my blog.

Again took inspiration from A List Apart

April 1, 2019

They run a blog.
They run an publishing house.
They run a event company.

I need to learn a lot from their compositeness.
I need to learn a lot from their style.

Let’s kickstart.

What Assembly Language was for mainframes HTML is for the WEB.

March 23, 2019

Once upon a time when CS was new or say raw there used to be only mainframes and Assembly Language was its onlky partner. It was highly cumbersome and not up to any scope of high end scalability.

But when the Internet happened, the magic was by “Tim Burners Lee” and Hyper Text link along with a browser to render the HTML page happened.

This was the beginning of the Web Era.
And so HTML was born and so was born thee Web Browser.

Assembly might be dead.
HTML is the language for the Web.
Only time will say how long will the HTML survive.
As its only competition is the SMART Phone APPS now.