Open Case Study – Marketing of SaaS

The startup which does not have to spend even a nickel on marketing is the one which will have a ball if they now only have a great gem product.

37Signals when did RoR, I believe they had nothing to spend for marketing. The RoR gave them a huge audience.

And that gave them a ball for the gem of a product called “”.

SaaS wins if you have a direct audience.
Make something open source, in this case a technology and charge for the SaaS product.

Open Case Study – WordPress v/s WiX is a proprietary service which has – equity of $4.5 billion and an annual revenue is $558.1 million.
Wordpress is an open source system which is not listed and has an annual revenue of only $7.6 million.

Though WordPress now powers 30 percent of the web they don’t have a concrete business model.
At the same time: Wix’s prices start at $5.00 monthly for the Connect Domain plan. Wix goes up to $35.00 a month if you opt for the Business VIP upgrade. When creating an online store, Wix’s fees are at least $20.00 per month. An ad-free site costs $120.00 a year.

Case Study says – its easy now to have closed source business models.
Do a SaaS, don’t do a FOSS.

The pioneers of SaaS are worth: $10.2B annual income. (read

Plans ahead for 2019

I intend to write all the 7 nodes of the last pillar called Education.

The 7 nodes are:
1. EDU CMS (Content Management System)
2. EDU LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
3. EDU ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
4. EDU ECLS (Enhanced-Engaging-Electronic Creative Learning System)
5. EDU SOCIAL (AI based Dynamic Social Network)
6. EDU KRP (Knowledge Resource Planning)
7. EDU iCRM (iNtelligent Civilian Resource Management)

I will be mastering Python, some UI stuff & smartphone stuffs.
My roll out won’t be FOSS. (I have my reasons.)