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Concentrating on blogging income

March 24, 2019

It seems, people are liking my blog and so are the clicks on the Google Adsense.
I am concentrating on the blogging income now.

Will be a YouTuber later, first will be a blogger now.

Everyone renders a service. What do I do?

March 24, 2019

Doctor treats patients.
Teacher teaches students.

I want to do something now.
I want to be the best at it.

Still can’t make that decision.
Let’s start from somewhere, says my heart.

Business Book Summaries by Robert Belbin.

March 23, 2019

I have started reading business book summaries from

And I have always loved the effort of Robert Belbin of
I have made some YouTube videos based on the learnings from
And I have also made some SlideShares.

From today I have decided to make atleast 5 YouTubes & SlideShares every month.
Since self-learning is the best & only effort in learning, I will pursue it from now on.

Besides CS education, I will also be focusing on Business Book Summaries.
Because if you are not in the business then you are no where.

Competency at its best

March 23, 2019

I intend to roll our courses in CS at my dot-com —
And I want to be highly competent at it.
I intend to start with fundamentals of CS.
And I want to be the best in the world at whatever I do in this creative effort of mine.

I will be mastering BENJAMIN BLOOMS TAXONOMY to its fullest.
I will go through length and breadth of all possible docs in this vertical.

I intend to start with HTML5, CSS3, PHP & MySQl.
All possible docs and eBooks are available on the Internet.
And I have almost all of them.
Anyways there is access to, &

I will be just working round the clock soon.
There is always hope.

NAMO again

March 22, 2019

I strongly believe that NAMO will be the Prime Minister again for glorified India.
He has done a lot good for our country already.
And he will make our country shine more & more again and again.

Long Live NAMO.

16 years and I am still RAW in CS

March 22, 2019

Last I was in a CS college was in 2003.
After that I have made many a attempts to try study CS.
But I could not even focus on fundamentals.

Now I don’t know how, I have got this supreme confidence in me.
Just like school days, I feel today I can master anything.

Einstein said, “Make things simple, not simpler”.
Same is with my case.
I was trying to make things too simpler to be true.
I have understood my mistake.
And now I won’t repeat my mistake.

So up, up & away.

Why I call my blog Growth Hacker?

March 22, 2019

I am intending to earn more than $100 billion by next 10 years.
I am good at IA, UX and Blue Ocean Business Engineering.
By hook or crook, I will make my software for sure.

I only intend to sell my service without using any heavy budget marketing.
As I can’t afford it.
And I believe that magic does happen.
And I will make it happen for myself as well.

Hence I have to focus only & only on GROWTH HACKING to spread my business.
I will & I will achieve my goals.
Let’s see how beautiful these 10 years turn out to be.

Searching for a new career

March 22, 2019

I started working sometime in year 2000.
I did a couple of websites.
I also did my own e-commerce website where I used to sell GNU/Linux & All BSD CDs.

After 2003 life has been a stupid struggle.
But I have been patient and buying perseverance from all possible resources.
And I am happy to say that my system is well balanced now.

I am back.
Arnold Style.
With a lot of vengeance.

So searching for a new career.
Where I can plan my acumen and unleash gold & glory upon my Hindu society.
I am back. I am back. I am back.

Goal Settings and then redo goal settings

March 22, 2019

I have been consistently failing to set goals and accomplish them.
I have given up on planning now.
I just hit the books and decide to be true to them.

Books are your best friends – said – some one nice & wise.
And I have always chosen the right books.

My last well read book was – “Every Street Is Paved With Gold.”
This book is an autobiography of a Gentleman from Korea called – “Kim Woo Choong”.
I worship this persona and I follow him.

I will go through the book again this weekend on Sunday.
And I am planning to believe that I will take immense inspiration from this self-made Man of Korea.

I love this book so much that once upon a time I sat and made a YouTube video on the book.
I am embedding the video below here.
Please watch it.
I promise you, that you will love the video.