Code is Poetry.

You can’t make money in Tech business if you are not a techie of a great kind.
You can’t make products whichever Open Source or Proprietary, if you don’t know yourself to code.
You can’t make name and fame in Sports, without being a sportsman.

Code is Poetry. I wanna be a poet.

Plans ahead for 2019

I intend to write all the 7 nodes of the last pillar called Education.

The 7 nodes are:
1. EDU CMS (Content Management System)
2. EDU LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
3. EDU ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
4. EDU ECLS (Enhanced-Engaging-Electronic Creative Learning System)
5. EDU SOCIAL (AI based Dynamic Social Network)
6. EDU KRP (Knowledge Resource Planning)
7. EDU iCRM (iNtelligent Civilian Resource Management)

I will be mastering Python, some UI stuff & smartphone stuffs.
My roll out won’t be FOSS. (I have my reasons.)

No more Business Education Videos

I was fascinated by business education videos ever since I got my first MAC (2011).
I did some YouTube videos at .
I applied for VC funding but failed.
I got some videos done by CWINEY@FIVERR. It did not get any traction.
I gave up this concept yesterday night when I searched on YouTube about “The Lean Startup”.
I found many such BookTubes & highly good ones.

Now I am focusing on code.
Zoho is my target.
Lets see.

Buying some cool domain names

Just found a domain name which is cooler than the coolest.
Almost dying to buy it.
But rules made is rules made.
No more domain names.

Will stay alive with only 5 domain names:
3. web****
5. scope 2 buy 1

A week of 2019 has passed OR A new first week has begun with today being first MONDAY

It’s been a week since the beginning of the new year and I have not been able to keep upto the commitments, goals and checklists I have made since the last week of 2018. I must say that the book “52 Mondays” that I read last week made me think great of who I am not because of who I am but because who I now want to be.

Its just mere some 52 weeks that promise me of changing my life.
And I am in for it.
And it’s possible. Because books have done wonders even before in life whenever I have committed to them.

The last book that my life was “Every Street Is Paved With Gold by KIM WOO CHOONG”.
It did gave me insights into the life & vision style of a successful, self-made Korean Entrepreneur.
This was like in my tenth grade in 1994.

I now like after 25 years want a complete transformation in my life.
And I am not gonna leave any stone unturned for it.

I start today as the first week of the year 2019 and kiss my first Monday.
A lot more after 9:00 PM.