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Some new goals

April 16, 2019

I have set a goal to be a champion in design, typography and animation.
I will do work at Fiverr maybe maybe not.
But I will work a lot on Navin.MBA.

I am also working a lot on earning my passive income.
So what passive income sources I wanna look at:
1. Kindle Publishing
2. Blogging
3. YouTube
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Udemy

Will publish some thing more soon.

No more blogging

April 3, 2019

I have been from now on never blogging again.
I am using a MS Word file on my MAC Desktop Folder for my Blog / Diary.

I am happy.
I will be happier.
I am going to be the happiest.

Just 10 hours a day for my MAN MOON MISSION

March 31, 2019

No more postulations.
No more hopes.
No more systems.
No more to do lists.
No more remember the milk.
No more analysis.
No more dreams.

Just execution.
Systematic ones.
Heroic ones.

Enough of time pass.

Love you Gods.
Love you Life.
Love you Thinking.
Love you Success.
Love you Passion.

Can’t decide from where to start & what to pursue

March 31, 2019

Tomorrow is my first day of the new year.
I have goals.
I have missions.
I have ambitions.
I have style.
I have hunger.
I have crave.
I have niche.

I am the happiest guy in the world

March 30, 2019

I now have an objective..
I now have a motto.
I now have an ambition.
I now have a pride.
I now have thought processes.
I now have stuff to do…
I now have reasons for organised work…
I now have passions for working late night…
I now have will & zeal…
I now have Sky Zeal.
I now have me.
I now want to have a triplet persona.
See how well I juggle things…still manage them all.

My dreams are unlimited now.

Deliverables on my plate today are:
1. Se7en Netizens – A Trilogy Book
2. ECLS – All 7 Paradigms
3. Study well at MaaC
4. Self Study of all Business Book Summaries
5. Self Study of all Tech Books
6. Self Study of the Bhagwad Gita
7. Master everything that is possible.

YouTube has it all…

March 28, 2019

A time ago, we used to keep searching here and there on the Internet to find some resources for learnings.
Then came Google.
And we all happily started Googling every now & then.
Every time we Googled, we used to get what we want with utmost ease.

Now – Google has YouTube and we get more than what we want.
We get it with great ease. Just one click.

Google rocks…
So does YouTube..

My favourite song – Jal Pari

March 27, 2019

Recurring & Incremental – Income

March 25, 2019

The Goal is to establish an income which is recurring & incremental.
The last post was about Global Marketworth.

The biggest slice is of Education. (Trillion 5.2 US Dollars – annual)
And I am all on it.

Waiting to start educating with Creative tools & technologies @ MaaC Academy.
Should start in some nearest & closest possible time.
There are some dependencies for me to start paying the fees.
I am sure that should not be as easy and quick as the word ease & quick.

Global Marketworth

March 25, 2019

Billion – $122 – eLearning
Billion – $024 – Web Design
Billion – $094 – Search Advertisement
Billion – $185 – Digital Advertisement
Billion – $592 – Advertising
Billion – $917 – IT Services

Trillion – $5.2 – Education
Trillion – $1.9 – Software
Trillion – $1.0 – Internet Software & Services

Wanna buy an iMAC Pro

March 24, 2019

Want to buy an iMAC Pro asap to start being a YouTuber.
Also a good camera.

So goal setting done asap.
I just started looking for my goals.

Now I want to focus only on my new vision for my future.