Open Case Study – Marketing of SaaS

The startup which does not have to spend even a nickel on marketing is the one which will have a ball if they now only have a great gem product.

37Signals when did RoR, I believe they had nothing to spend for marketing. The RoR gave them a huge audience.

And that gave them a ball for the gem of a product called “”.

SaaS wins if you have a direct audience.
Make something open source, in this case a technology and charge for the SaaS product.

Found it – Cost Calculator

Was working on the website of WebcomStudio. We needed a quote calculator for dynamic quotes.
Searched everywhere, could not find much.
The estimated time to develop from scratch was too high.
Had give up as could not find much of great value.

Then as usual came to my rescue.
Found a lot of options and found the one solution that I needed the most.
Its called Cost Calculator. You can also have a look here
It simply rocks.

Some other free & paid options are:
1. Simple Price Calculator
2. Calculated Fields Form
3. NexForms

Chatbot – WordPress Plugin – Just $31

Was searching for CHATBOT everywhere but could not find something for WordPress. What I found everywhere was about FaceBook chatbots. After sometime I gave up. Again next day started working on ChatBot research and luckily found something cool on

It suits the bill. Is only costing $31. And is a WordPress plugin.
All great features.
Now I just wanted to try the demo, which was also available.
And I tested it thoroughly. And I liked it.

Will be buying it asap.

An AI based Intelligent Quote Calculator

Today I was studying all major US based Digital Agencies, as I am going to cater only to the US market for all my services. Besides since last 4 days I have only been making quotes for Indian clients and made like 7 of them. And I have realised about how much time it takes and is a wastage to make the PDF Quotes and also the presentation.

There are web agencies in US and many places where this process of RFP & RFQ is automated and saves a huge amount of time and makes a quick response and turnaround time both for the company and for the customer.

Armed with this knowledge and need I started googling almost every keyword that I could think of. I wanted it for my WordPress based website and I wanted it responsive as well and I wanted it to be Open Source. > Plugins > Had something (no pro version).

If I can’t find something in like next 10 days, will have to ask the team to develop it from scratch.