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March 30, 2019


Source: FreePress Journal
KIM WOO-CHOONG, founder and Chairman of Daewoo, the motor-giant of Korea writes: “There are six keys to success: First, start working hard from the beginning. Second, small innovations lead to bigger ones later. Third, combine with others to create a mastermind.
A hundred things you do to help someone eventually returns to you a thousand-fold. Fourth, avoid worrying about yourself; when you work hard in a committed fashion, you don’t have to chase money; money will chase you. Fifth, things fall into place, if you have confidence. All mistakes could be corrected; all challenges could be overcome; all problems have solutions. Sixth, opportunities in life are unlimited. Possibilities emerge and parade before you when you work hard. Our opinions have no permanence.
I follow the book – which is an autobiography of the legendary businessman **Kim Woo Choong** from Korea. I have made a podcast on this book which goes by the name – **Every Street Is Paved With Gold** – You can see the podcast below here.
I almost consider this book to be my life guide…


Linus Torvalds –

March 30, 2019
Nobody should start to undertake a large project. You start with a small _trivial_ project, and you should never expect it to get large. If you do, you’ll just overdesign and generally think it is more important than it likely is at that stage. Or worse, you might be scared away by the sheer size of the work you envision. So start small, and think about the details. Don’t think about some big picture and fancy design. If it doesn’t solve some fairly immediate need, it’s almost certainly over-designed. And don’t expect people to jump in and help you. That’s not how these things work. You need to get something half-way _useful_ first, and then others will say “hey, that _almost_ works for me”, and they’ll get involved in the project. And if there is anything I’ve learnt from Linux, it’s that projects have a life of their own, and you should _not_ try to enforce your “vision” too strongly on them. Most often you’re wrong anyway, and if you’re not flexible and willing to take input from others (and willing to change direction when it turned out your vision was flawed), you’ll never get anything good done. In other words, be willing to admit your mistakes, and don’t expect to get anywhere big in any kind of short timeframe. I’ve been doing Linux for thirteen years, and I expect to do it for quite some time still. If I had _expected_ to do something that big, I’d never have started. It started out small and insignificant, and that’s how I thought about it.

Steve Jobs – Resume

March 30, 2019

Don’t Quit…

March 30, 2019

Came across this video on YouTube.
Have to say that its amazing.
Will be following it from here again and again.

I am changing my entertainment habits from today.
Also commitment to educational stuff.

I need to have atleast 6 hours of non undisturbed studies.
Yes, I am learning Photoshop.

The No.1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily

March 30, 2019

Benjamins Blooms Taxonomy

March 24, 2019

Just want to master this.
Then life & career both will be happier and merrier.

I believe I have the foundation for my career and my life now visible.
Let’s go for a ride.

Me Too, Tooo.

March 23, 2019

I was reading the book “The Launch” by Jeff Walker.

Mehta Nirav told me to read the book.

And its an amazing book.
Would be buying the Kindle version as I have lost the hard copy.
I want to do some magic like Jeff Walker.
I have chosen CS as my horizontal.

Lets see what vertical I end up at.