Finland’s Ambitious Plan To Teach Anyone the Basics of AI

In the era of AI superpowers, Finland is no match for the US and China. So the Scandinavian country is taking a different tack. From a report:
It has embarked on an ambitious challenge to teach the basics of AI to 1% of its population, or 55,000 people. Once it reaches that goal, it plans to go further, increasing the share of the population with AI know-how. The scheme is all part of a greater effort to establish Finland as a leader in applying and using the technology.

Citizens take an online course that is specifically designed for non-technology experts with no programming experience. The government is now rolling it out nationally. As of mid-December, more than 10,500 people, including at least 4,000 outside of Finland’s borders, had graduated from the course. More than 250 companies have also pledged to train part or all of their workforce.

Cryptocurrency + Blockchain + Big Data + AI + Machine Learning + Deep Learning + Natural Language Processing

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Chatbot market size is set to exceed USD 1.34 billion by 2024

The global chatbot market is predicted to reach a 31% CARG.

In the trending era of artificial intelligence, chatbot market is witnessing extraordinary growth owing to the prevalence of messaging platforms, virtual assistants, and the efforts of various businesses to deliver prompt customer service.