Plans ahead for 2019

I intend to write all the 7 nodes of the last pillar called Education.

The 7 nodes are:
1. EDU CMS (Content Management System)
2. EDU LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
3. EDU ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
4. EDU ECLS (Enhanced-Engaging-Electronic Creative Learning System)
5. EDU SOCIAL (AI based Dynamic Social Network)
6. EDU KRP (Knowledge Resource Planning)
7. EDU iCRM (iNtelligent Civilian Resource Management)

I will be mastering Python, some UI stuff & smartphone stuffs.
My roll out won’t be FOSS. (I have my reasons.)

Lets fork WordPress

I have been using WordPress ever since its first release and in really deep love with it. I have been brainstorming since morning & last night about what I have to look for in my next project for year 2019. And plan accordingly.

The new thought says let’s do a CMS itself. And I am planning to fork WordPress.
Or maybe I will write a new one from scratch.
Whatever first I need to decide what tool & technology I will be using.
Java / DOT-NET / PHP / Python / Ruby — I don’t know what.

First task is to choose the tool.
And master it.

Hello World!!!

Welcome to my blog.

This blog is here to stay. And I will be blogging a lot here.
A lot about my research, my hacks and a lot of stuff that I love.

Stay tuned.
Keep following me on this place i.e. my homepage and my blog.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs