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Random Musings

September 18, 2018

I have been thinking of taking my blog in only one specific direction i.e. of Growth Hacking. I have bought a book on Growth Hacking, I have applied for jobs which have stated only and only about Growth Hacking and I have seen YouTube and Google SERP about Growth Hacking and all is well. Also I have seen very good SlideShares on Growth Hacking.

Now after just one CROSS post on Growth Hacking, I will be writing everyday more than 2 posts on just any RANDOM THOUGHTS. These random musings will one day help result in a ebook. I am following Seth Godin a lot these days and I am also doing research a lot these days.

The stuff I am interested in writing these days is:

  1. The Business Of Branding
  2. Wizards of Information Age
  3. SEO – Free Digital Marketing
  4. ECLS – Enhanced Creative Learning System
  5. The New Customers
  6. Programming
  7. StartUPs – A to Z
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Operating Systems
  12. Open Source

Which blogging model to follow?

September 11, 2018

I was tinkering with the thought of planning about which blogging model to follow for “Growth Hacker”?
Should I write all content by myself OR should I keep on cross posting or keep on embedding YouTubes & SlideShares. I could not take the decision immediately.
I thought I will take the decision after sometime.

Its not easy to create content all the time.
Its easy to find relevant content and quality content and cross-post on my blog.
So after sometime, my blog becomes a knowledge base and it also helps to drive traffic to better content resources.

So besides my own content, I will also cross-post other better content, which could be text, YouTube or be SlideShare.

Happy Blogging!!!

Hello World

September 9, 2018


Welcome to the latest and final reincarnation of my weblog. From OpenSource to eLearning to SaaS to lot of other stuff, I have traveled a lot and being unable to make my unique niche.

Today I rebrand my weblog to “Growth Hacker”.
Besides Growth Hacking, I have a lot of stuff to do in my to-do lists.

Stay tuned…
You will be amazed with what you see…