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Hakuna Matta Ta

April 3, 2019

I am Lion King…

The fable has been around sine more than 2 decades..
And now Walt Disney represents it once again…
And I am dying to watch it…
There is no other great movie than this year.

Heeeee Haaaaaaaaw!!!

Next gr8 watch is – The Lion King.

Downloading the trilogy animation movie from Torrents.
Heeee Haaaaaaaw!!!

Shel Silverstein

April 2, 2019

Hey!!! Found you @
It’s a neighbourhood a click away on the netizen status of all kinds of status quo.

I read your poem b4 the opening chapter of InkHeart.
Will try now to learn from you your way of writing poems.

“Poetry can indeed change lives, which can in turn change the world.”
—Richard Blanco, Academy of American Poets Education Ambassador

Will stay away from UX as a career

March 31, 2019

Will stay away from UX as a career.
Will focus on something else.
Will be good & great at everything.

Don’t know what to focus on.

Snow Ball Now

March 31, 2019

Start snow balling now O’ life.
I desperately need you to give me a monument.
Please help.
I can’t afford to fail.
I can’t afford to go to college again.

7 Pillars of Information Age

March 30, 2019

Sometime back I wrote the 7 Pillars of Education.
Now just for you to understand I am writing the core from where the 7 Pillars of Education came out.

Pillar 1 – Information (Why? because it is Information Age dumbo..)
Pillar 2 – Communication (Why? we communicate the best today than ever)
Pillar 3 – Recreation (Its in its best matured form & the best way and most of the times almost free..)
Pillar 4 – Automation (Can’t imagine even a day without automation engines…)
Pillar 5 – Transaction (PayTM, PhonePe and so much more is now available in our country.)
Pillar 6 – Dissemination (WordPress, Wikipedia, Blogs, Webzines, Content Aggregators and Content Curators.)
Pillar 7 – Education (There is a lot of stuff which is rocking the Internet.) (My contribution will be called ECLS)

So what goals for these 3 years

March 28, 2019

Just MaaC, MaaC & MaaC.
And all 1000+ book summaries that I have bought.
And all Kindle books that I have bought.

Plus all tech books which I have collected over time.
Heart says start learning from C.
If possible I will also learn Assembly Language.

Searching for a replica of Launch

March 28, 2019

Jeff Walker wrote a book called The Launch.
And it’s a phenomena today.

I am searching for something which is similar in design & quality deliverance.
I will make it such that its needed by the whole world.

My dream is to make ECLS.
I want to start with it.
And I feel first I will document ECLS and self publish it.
It could be a work of fiction as well.

I am good at writing.
And I believe I will be able to do justice to it.

So finally found my vertical.
Which I have a huge command over.
And also I need to ape anyone.

Life seems to be rocking again and again..
My first book will be the path which I wanted to lead.

Creative Commons, Open Source & Free

March 28, 2019

I have been reading a lot of Creative Commons, Open Source & Free.
And I want to share everything about it on my blog.

So if its YouTube, I will directly embed the video link on my blog.
If its anything else I will quote it over here on my blog.

I am planning to start a new blog to showcase my creatives over there.
I don’t remember the social media channel which can be used to showcase my own designs and creatives.

I have tonnes of hope now.
Life rocks again..

So what to start with?

March 26, 2019

I thought to start with courses on Digital Marketing.
I gave up because the system of DM still evolves and I don’t want to redo stuff ever again.

I did a Google Ads – Keyword analysis & I found that there is a huge amount of search for Java.
And anyways I was studying for tech.
So I decided I will first master tech myself and then I will make tutorials on all of them.

Expect fireworks from me very soon.
Today I am going to study WebTech – HTML5 & CSS3.
This week I am going to close WebTech – HTML5, CSS3 & PHP.

The fees in the offline classes for these courses is around INR 20,000/-.
And I see a huge potential for all of this on my dot-com.

Monetisation of YouTube Videos & SlideShares

March 24, 2019

My YouTube channel is far away from monetisation status. And there is no way to directly monetise SlideShares.
Hence I am resorting to Google Adsense.
I will be making a lot of YouTube videos and SlideShares and adding them to my blog at Alexandria.

I think now I will call my blog as “ecls”.
I need a dot com.
And I have taken a decision that I will not be buying new domain names.

Concentrating only on my Keynote Production Work.