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7 Netizens

March 30, 2019

So while blogging for some time like last 3 hours, I have found the starting point of my works.
I am starting it with the book titled – “7 Netizens”.
The book will be a Trilogy.

01 – Era before the Information Age
02 – The Information Age & its Promise.
03 – The Connected Future…

The scope of my work is crystal clear.
I am going to do a lot of quality work.
I am fascinated to the highest corner.

The biggest inspiration for my work is from the pioneers of Information Age.
Read – directly form Charles Babbage to Bill Gates to DHH of Ruby On Rails Fame.
There are many salient heroes as well.

I am taking inspiration from the book – “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.
I will take 2/3 years to write this book.

Just a small introduction of the 7 charachters:
1. Historian
2. Democratic
3. Communist
4. Musicican
5. Hacker
6. Proprietary Software CEO
7. Politician

My work begins asap.
But before I start writing this book (read 3).
I will be mastering – Bhagwad Gita & Marketing Management (Philip Kotler – Bible of Marketing – Millenium Edition. )

7 Pillars of Information Age

March 30, 2019

Sometime back I wrote the 7 Pillars of Education.
Now just for you to understand I am writing the core from where the 7 Pillars of Education came out.

Pillar 1 – Information (Why? because it is Information Age dumbo..)
Pillar 2 – Communication (Why? we communicate the best today than ever)
Pillar 3 – Recreation (Its in its best matured form & the best way and most of the times almost free..)
Pillar 4 – Automation (Can’t imagine even a day without automation engines…)
Pillar 5 – Transaction (PayTM, PhonePe and so much more is now available in our country.)
Pillar 6 – Dissemination (WordPress, Wikipedia, Blogs, Webzines, Content Aggregators and Content Curators.)
Pillar 7 – Education (There is a lot of stuff which is rocking the Internet.) (My contribution will be called ECLS)

So how do I define ECLS?

March 30, 2019

ECLS = Enhanced Engaging Electronic – Creative Learning System….

There are 7 Pillars to it.
7. EDU iSocial

Facebook & LinkedIN are too small in front of EDU iSocial.
In front of EDU CMS, even WordPress is very small.
There is no existing LCMS (even Moodle) which can stand taller than EDU LCMS
Anyways there is no industry standard EDU ERP…
ECLS is a fact & fiction which the world has not even heard.
KRP even the Fortune 500 don’t have.
iCRM even top 10 economies don’t have.

It’s a mammoth task and I have to ride it on my own.
Life is rocking again.
First step by me here is to write a book on it.

I am calling my books as Freedom to Excel together.

The inspiration for all these works comes from 5 places:
Book 1 – Every Street Is Paved With Gold
Book 2 – The Road Ahead
Book 3 – Business @ Speed of Thought
Book 4 – Just For Fun
Book 5 – The Cathedral & The Bazaar
Book 6 – Free as In Freedom
Book 7 – Inside Out —- Microsoft In Our Own Words.

English Learning Made Easy

March 28, 2019

I brainstormed for some more time and I realised that instead of making ECLS around curriculums of different states, I should focus only & only on subject expertise. And I have a knack of helping myself with such schools of thoughts and polish thought process germinations and re-germinations to understand things better.

One thing that is sure and will always be there is that need to learn languages will always be there. So why not focus on English learning as a first app. I don’t need much of design in it. I need only APP design principles in it.

I also need a lot of my mastery over English language.
I see three things needed.
1. English Grammar
2. English Vocabulary
3. English Literature

Expect a great post on the above soon.

Searching for a replica of Launch

March 28, 2019

Jeff Walker wrote a book called The Launch.
And it’s a phenomena today.

I am searching for something which is similar in design & quality deliverance.
I will make it such that its needed by the whole world.

My dream is to make ECLS.
I want to start with it.
And I feel first I will document ECLS and self publish it.
It could be a work of fiction as well.

I am good at writing.
And I believe I will be able to do justice to it.

So finally found my vertical.
Which I have a huge command over.
And also I need to ape anyone.

Life seems to be rocking again and again..
My first book will be the path which I wanted to lead.