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Wanna buy an iMAC Pro

March 24, 2019

Want to buy an iMAC Pro asap to start being a YouTuber.
Also a good camera.

So goal setting done asap.
I just started looking for my goals.

Now I want to focus only on my new vision for my future.

Concentrating on blogging income

March 24, 2019

It seems, people are liking my blog and so are the clicks on the Google Adsense.
I am concentrating on the blogging income now.

Will be a YouTuber later, first will be a blogger now.

Passive Income

March 22, 2019

I am looking forward to find more & more ways to earn passive income online.

The best that I know of is:
1. Book Publishing
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. YouTubing
4. Teaching
5. Blogging
6. Open Source / WordPress Plugins / WordPress Themes

And I will do them all.
First I am concentrating on Book Publishing only.
Let’s see how good I am at it.