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To dwell now in my own personal Blue Ocean

April 2, 2019

I am not hungry for anything big as of now…
Want to focus only on my hacks.. even poetic ones..
Again & again I say to myself that slow & steady wins the race.

I kickstarted my race yesterday and 48 hours past I have now definitely started moving.
I now know that it’s not goal setting.
It’s moving which is more important.

My goal for today is nothing..
No goal setting ever again…

My achievement for the day is that I now know that I have to buy a compass.
The curse of the black pearl – Jack Sparrow also has a compass.
It says the worse or the best pirate ever.

I say I am going to be an educationist. ECLS one.
I now have to learn lessons from the pioneers like Sal Khan of Khan Academy.
Steve Jobs of iTunes University.
Benjamin Bloom of Blooms Taxonomy.

My gauge is great & accurate.
Can’t fail what so ever.

My classes at MaaC will be teaching me design.
I will be doing the tech and code.
And the ID.

Life is going to rock…
Setting a wiki soon.

7 Netizens

March 30, 2019

So while blogging for some time like last 3 hours, I have found the starting point of my works.
I am starting it with the book titled – “7 Netizens”.
The book will be a Trilogy.

01 – Era before the Information Age
02 – The Information Age & its Promise.
03 – The Connected Future…

The scope of my work is crystal clear.
I am going to do a lot of quality work.
I am fascinated to the highest corner.

The biggest inspiration for my work is from the pioneers of Information Age.
Read – directly form Charles Babbage to Bill Gates to DHH of Ruby On Rails Fame.
There are many salient heroes as well.

I am taking inspiration from the book – “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.
I will take 2/3 years to write this book.

Just a small introduction of the 7 charachters:
1. Historian
2. Democratic
3. Communist
4. Musicican
5. Hacker
6. Proprietary Software CEO
7. Politician

My work begins asap.
But before I start writing this book (read 3).
I will be mastering – Bhagwad Gita & Marketing Management (Philip Kotler – Bible of Marketing – Millenium Edition. )

7 Pillars of Information Age

March 30, 2019

Sometime back I wrote the 7 Pillars of Education.
Now just for you to understand I am writing the core from where the 7 Pillars of Education came out.

Pillar 1 – Information (Why? because it is Information Age dumbo..)
Pillar 2 – Communication (Why? we communicate the best today than ever)
Pillar 3 – Recreation (Its in its best matured form & the best way and most of the times almost free..)
Pillar 4 – Automation (Can’t imagine even a day without automation engines…)
Pillar 5 – Transaction (PayTM, PhonePe and so much more is now available in our country.)
Pillar 6 – Dissemination (WordPress, Wikipedia, Blogs, Webzines, Content Aggregators and Content Curators.)
Pillar 7 – Education (There is a lot of stuff which is rocking the Internet.) (My contribution will be called ECLS)

English Learning Made Easy

March 28, 2019

I brainstormed for some more time and I realised that instead of making ECLS around curriculums of different states, I should focus only & only on subject expertise. And I have a knack of helping myself with such schools of thoughts and polish thought process germinations and re-germinations to understand things better.

One thing that is sure and will always be there is that need to learn languages will always be there. So why not focus on English learning as a first app. I don’t need much of design in it. I need only APP design principles in it.

I also need a lot of my mastery over English language.
I see three things needed.
1. English Grammar
2. English Vocabulary
3. English Literature

Expect a great post on the above soon.

My eLearning App

March 28, 2019

Was thinking of making my eLearning app.
First thinking was design it on which curriculum?
The state boards change design every 10 years.
And anyways I don’t agree with the design of curriculum of any of the Indian Boards.

I also have to design systems for other countries & I will probably know never about their curriculum.
So how do I port my thinking & ambition on instructional design so that its ever green and always cherished.
My eLearning app will be designed just once and loved for always.
It will serve the learner for ever & ever.

I have to start working on it asap.
I also have to join SIGs for it.

First before looking at the subjects to teach, I want to master the works of the Instructional Design by Benjamin Bloom. His works is better called BENJAMIN BLOOMS TAXONOMY. The Wikipedia page on it is very cool. Will also buy the research PDF on it somehow.

My mission of my life begins.
My OMA as I call it will be delivered by me in record time..
OMA = One Man Army

Searching for a replica of Launch

March 28, 2019

Jeff Walker wrote a book called The Launch.
And it’s a phenomena today.

I am searching for something which is similar in design & quality deliverance.
I will make it such that its needed by the whole world.

My dream is to make ECLS.
I want to start with it.
And I feel first I will document ECLS and self publish it.
It could be a work of fiction as well.

I am good at writing.
And I believe I will be able to do justice to it.

So finally found my vertical.
Which I have a huge command over.
And also I need to ape anyone.

Life seems to be rocking again and again..
My first book will be the path which I wanted to lead.

Learn by seeing

March 27, 2019

I learned a lot in school.
Today I don’t remember anything.
I had great teachers then

There was a dearth of attitude from my end after that.
I could never study.
But I developed a way of research & thinking.
I did a lot of these for many a others.

Now it’s time & I want to work for myself.
I have been reading the book – PUBLISHED – by – Chandler Bolt.
It’s an amazing read.

Should master it asap.

CS for All

March 25, 2019

I don’t know what to call it. But the alpha release is called CS for All.
Let me document it and release in the form of books and podcasts and YouTubes and Udemys.

CS for All.

When you start your learning curve on CS, you all go through the same.
The same interests, the same problem statements and the same hacks.
So why not a dot com on it.

I will be calling this domain as
Bond style.
Evergreen BG Music.

Highly Lucrative.

There are 7 rounds of circle that I see.
1. Pure CS
2. Pure MBA
3. Pure K12
4. Pure Career Oriented
5. Pure Blogging
6. Pure Passive Income
7. Pure Book Publishing

Design Complete – ECLS

March 24, 2019

Just finished the design of interface of ECLS.
I don’t know how will I code the HTML5 & CSS3.
Will master it in maximum 2 months.

I am the best IA & UX guy in the world.


March 24, 2019

So i am not a cheat.
I am not a copy cat.
I am not a stealer.

And I am some kind of innovator or inventor.
And I believe in myself.

So how do I roll out ECLS with the limited skill sets and resources that I have.
I have no answer.
I just am going round & round – and I now have found the answer immediately.

Let’s see first what I know.
1. Web Tech
2. Keynote
3. SlideShare
4. Flash (I love you, but it seems you are dead.)
5. HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery
6. Innovation in Navigation & Indexing
7. Better Content & Better Instructional Design