Career Times – Issue – 01

Welcome to Career Times !!!

I hereby declare that you are in a wrong career.
I hereby also declare that your child will have dual careers. At least dual careers.

So what do you do?
1. Medicine
2. Engineering
3. Architecture
4. Management
5. Accounting
6. Law
7. Porting
8. Creative
9. Technology
0. Entertainment
1. Publishing

So I drew 11 verticals.
As per the theory of verticals, each vertical can become a horizontal and now give birth to minimum 7 verticals each. Let’s exercise this thought on this issue of career times.

1. Vertical — Medicine is now a Horizontal…
Now this horizontal will have 7 verticals.
Vertical 1: Eye
Vertical 2: Heart
Vertical 3: Teeth
Vertical 4: Nose
Vertical 5: Ear
Vertical 6: Skin
Vertical 7: Blood
Vertical *: *****
Vertical *:***

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