7 Platters of eLearning

As per my understanding and research the state of eLearning is in great stupid state.
There is no central authority.
There is no central vocation.
And there is no centralisation.

According to me there should be 7 different well integrated platters of eLearning:
1. EDU CMS (Content Management System)
2. EDU LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
3. EDU ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
4. EDU ECLS (Enhanced-Engaging-Electronic Creative Learning System)
5. EDU SOCIAL (AI based Dynamic Social Network)
6. EDU KRP (Knowledge Resource Planning)
7. EDU iCRM (iNtelligent Civilian Resource Management)

The most challenging of these platters is ECLS.
If I was to distribute the 7 platters.
I would have given:
1. 2 to Microsoft
2. 2 to Apple
3. 2 to Google
4. 1 variable for each nation/race/civilisation/language

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