7 Netizens – Part 1 of the Triology

So what is the school of thought for the book 1 rather part 1.

The contents would be about the world till date:
I will write about like 100 personas and 100 inventions, which changed the scope & hope of the human society.
I will write about Guttenberg Press.
I will write about Mona Lisa.
I will write about Gandhi.
I will write about Henry Ford.
I will write about all possible revolutions in all possible corners of the world.
I will also write about BOP & print papers.

I will write about all stupid wars which were fought for the real estate and nothing came to anyone.
I will help people understand the world the way it is today – better and better for us and all.

My objective is to see the thought process germination in the eyes of the reader such that there is no hatred in any corner of the world. People will tend to listen and share and try to understand that it was not gossip that gave the world GNU/Linux software (read operating system).

My objective is to give you a free & open inquisitive curiosity model of thinking.
This would give you a way to march across all great thought processes and enrich your own creative thinking.

My objective is to pass on the baton of my readings, compositeness and learnings in a way that it snow-balls for you and your friend circle. The internet is a very small place and Yahoo organised it using the directories whereas Google made it a button play by making searching web pages a seconds job. So Google is a Librarian for the Internet.

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