What I see ahead for myself?

I have been working last 20 years in software & web industry. I have done free lancing work, I have run my own eCommerce Websites to sell linux CDs and I have worked in small agencies and small dot-coms and also big places.

I am now sick of all these UI / UX / IA jobs. I am looking forward to kickstart my own to be UNICORN startup. And I have ideas to do a lot of stuff. But nothing immediately. Nothing for at least next 20 years.

For these 20 years I only plan to master CS & Business Books. In between sometime I will roll out my products (no services). Capterra.com has a list of 700+ product categories and I intend to roll out a product in each of them.

So life is now simple and I will have my own Inc. with 700+ SaaS web products. I intend to master only Python & Ruby. I will make all these products around high end engineering principles.

I from today understand that I won’t be working under anyone. Just pure 100% hard work and systematic evolvement for complete fulfilment of my own personal dreams. I firmly believe in myself. And I am highly motivated.

Circle of my life begins.