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Shel Silverstein

April 2, 2019

Hey!!! Found you @
It’s a neighbourhood a click away on the netizen status of all kinds of status quo.

I read your poem b4 the opening chapter of InkHeart.
Will try now to learn from you your way of writing poems.

“Poetry can indeed change lives, which can in turn change the world.”
—Richard Blanco, Academy of American Poets Education Ambassador

To dwell now in my own personal Blue Ocean

April 2, 2019

I am not hungry for anything big as of now…
Want to focus only on my hacks.. even poetic ones..
Again & again I say to myself that slow & steady wins the race.

I kickstarted my race yesterday and 48 hours past I have now definitely started moving.
I now know that it’s not goal setting.
It’s moving which is more important.

My goal for today is nothing..
No goal setting ever again…

My achievement for the day is that I now know that I have to buy a compass.
The curse of the black pearl – Jack Sparrow also has a compass.
It says the worse or the best pirate ever.

I say I am going to be an educationist. ECLS one.
I now have to learn lessons from the pioneers like Sal Khan of Khan Academy.
Steve Jobs of iTunes University.
Benjamin Bloom of Blooms Taxonomy.

My gauge is great & accurate.
Can’t fail what so ever.

My classes at MaaC will be teaching me design.
I will be doing the tech and code.
And the ID.

Life is going to rock…
Setting a wiki soon.

Ink Heart

April 2, 2019

Reading Ink Heart from now.
Wanna be an Ink Heart myself.
Will be reading it at a huge pace.
Let’s see where it goes.

1st April 2019 was a waste.
Today is 2nd day.

Just have 3 goals:
1. InK Heart – Format Mastering
2. Photoshop – YouTube Tutorial
3. Sketching – YouTube Tutorial

Mom is back at start – join a new job.
I am back at after some time / read never.
Mom is back to end – love for music / you don’t want to be a musician.
I am back at after some time / will play guitar and violin as well plus a big piano.

I want to be a multi-faceted persona.
I want to be accepted by masses as well as the classes.
I want to be looked upon by a league as well as every nation.
I want to help a big project like GNU again.
I want to be away from no personas people as well.

I want to work the max possible every day for the rest of my life.
I want to work 18-20 hours every day.
Today is my first day of the 20 hours drill.
Not going anywhere. Focusing only on Ink Heart.
There is a movie with Brendon Fraser on this Trilogy book.
Had missed the movie in 2008 it seems.
Will torrent it today.

Life seems to be starting to live again…
I am having a short term vision for a lot many things..
Life you are sexy again.
I want to serve you once again..
I want to miss all dilemmas as well.
I want to be a wise thinker.
I want to be a mathematic-magician person as well.

And last as usual..
I want to be a Blue Ocean Entrepreneur.